Joy Is The Only Treat


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released October 22, 2014

The songs were recorded mixed and mastered by Alex Sickel at Tiny Pond Studio Hannover

Artwork by Florian Schommer

Guest vocals in "Sanity" by Larissa Meinhoff



all rights reserved


TWIN RED Hanover, Germany

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Track Name: Devotion
Can you come back?
It feels so perfect when you're here.
And when you're gone
The guilt is too heavy for me to bear.

I keep lying to your face
Only trying to safe myself.
And all the tears that you shed,
Are going to hunt me in my bed.

Giving everything you have
Is giving yourself up right away.
You'll be living in solitude.
The past will not make up with you.

But that's alright.
I'll just get what I deserve.
Twist the knife in my head.
You would turn it till I'm dead.
Is all that you ask me for.
Satisfaction you can't expect.
Always the same.
Track Name: The Mask
I won’t be around.
I just can’t be found.
Threw away the mask that pulled me to the ground.
So how does it feel
When you look at yourself
When you see the skin covering up your face.

The stitches hurt
When the needles sting through your face.
The skin feels so cold.

Underneath your fake smile
So easy not to be yourself.
The hidden face is your escape.

I guess it kills you
To just face yourself.

When you’re feeling well
It’s only in your shell
And it’s me who stepped away. I kept my face.

You lost yourself.
(You’re) stuck to the ground.
Track Name: Memorial Day
You let your youth go off
Turned every light down in your room.
You felt the world and it was cold, it broke your back took all you got.
The noose around your neck made you float above the ground. You wanted colors they turned black. Nothing's new and nothing's found.

Recognition of satisfaction. a dusty dream left upon your shelf. Climbing treetops just for the last time. Collecting thoughts of December sky.

The holes were dug just for you, you didn't know you'd taste the dirt. Now all the honesty slipped right down the cracks of floors you ripped. But it meant nothing, you took the easy way you found. The lights that you've seen, now forgot where you have been.

It's something real, it seems so far away.

They can't let go, so you let go off them.
Track Name: In Silence
In silence
Is where I want to stay.
I lost my head
The clouds locked it away.
Still I can see.
(I’m) feeling desperate for some love.
Affinity I throw away instantly
Track Name: Flower
You watch me growing in your room.
You give me love, you pull me through.
You dump my head under the water,
I feel the green bursting inside of me.

And I keep watching you.
I’ll never die
For as long as you care for me.

I’m everywhere.

You smell my blossoms,
You touch my leaves.
Don’t let me die.
(Let me feel the sun so I can breath.)

I’m so full of love.

Don’t let me die,
Keep me alive.
I bring you joy
If you let me thrive.
Track Name: Like a Child
Not even a single day
Will I ever spend to think if I come back.
It would make me think of the past mistakes that I made.

I’d breath the air I smelled when I was young,
When I was acting like a child.
These heads surround and faces seem familiar.

These days mean nothing to me.

It’s not how it used to be
And they will never feel the sun.
Stuck in the same routine
Just like they’ve never seen anything but this.

(They’re) Running against the walls they built around their house to keep them safe.
Not ever asking themselves why their heads still hurt.

They locked themselves into things they think we love.

I keep wondering what it means to keep feeling what you feel,
It’s hard to believe that you could love this town.
I’d rather spend my days moving away from everything that’s left of it (what’s left of it?)
The changes that I made let me see that you just stayed the same.
I don’t blame you
I guess it’s comfortable
To keep acting like a child.
Track Name: Away
The summer came for you
So beautiful (like every year).
The flowers in your hair
Is what brought you here

There’s water on your skin,
(that) the sun dries of.
And I,
I wish this never ends.
My dreams
Are not meant to stay.
And I laugh, just laugh,
I laugh my breath away.
Why can’t you stay?
My joy seems fake.
I’m gone. I ran away.

The flowers in your hair are dead and I’m gone.
I whisper in your ear,
You’re lost and all alone.
All alone .
Track Name: Pt. I Staring at the Sun
You said
That everything I do will work out fine.
But I don’t think so.

I try
Staring at the sun till I go blind
So the last thing I saw
Was truth.

You never know
What holds true
Until it’s gone.

I know
That everything I do is just for you
But you don’t know this.

You keep
Staring at the sky I don’t know why
And you won’t tell me.
Track Name: Pt. II Staring at the Sky
The sun is grey
It’s so hard to see.
I’d like to touch it with my rusted hands.

Everything I say
Slips away with honesty.
I’d like to burn the page I wrote for you.

My neck it hurts
From staring at the sky.
Even though I wish
I could look down at you,
I’m standing by your side.

Every time I cry
I’m staring at the sky.
It’s not meant to stay,
Please take my breath away.
I swallowed all the lies.
Track Name: Sanity (feat. Larissa)
In a shower of rain
It's hard to keep the direction I'm heading for

Old frameworks will stay
So nice and clean do they show whet there has been
Before you tore it all apart.
Now I can see,
What a failure
You have been...

Now I can feel
All the pleasure
That you took from me,

Leaning out too far
Gave me everything that I never wanted
I solved the tie
So I can feel my head against the wall.

Can't grasp my sanity
Track Name: Joy is the Only Treat
And I love the pain.
I’d like to stay.
There is so much more to give.

On your bed sheets,
Just like fallen leaves,
Feeling your skin crumble underneath your blanket.

Flower vase.
The shards beneath your feet.
Life’s hard to gain
If joy is the only treat.

All the way
They give it all, I give them nothing

Letting go off
Sceneries that stopped for me.
As they move on
Regrets start chasing me.
I lost my place,
Lost everything that counts for me.
Nothing to gaze
When regrets start chasing me.

I love the pain, it’s the only treat.