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released November 11, 2012

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Alexander Sickel at "Tiny Pond Studios" Hannover.



all rights reserved


TWIN RED Hanover, Germany

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Track Name: Garswood
I see we are back at the same place where we met some time ago.
Can you remember?
It´s you and me and this is how it used to be.
I feel that something´s not right when you speak to me on this cold night.
Your face seems blurry, so hard to see.
And I´m sure you feel the difference in me.

We haven´t talked for long,
How should I have known?
I figured it would be different now.

Maybe if I had known before,
I would try harder to stay the same.
It´s cold out here, you had to go,
I always let you go.
It could have been so nice, it could have been so simple,
there is no need to stay, there´s nothing more for us to say.
Both of us can´t waste our time anymore.
Track Name: Fading Hopes
What if my plans turn out to be
The insight that brought me to my knees
I´m scared to look back, too scared to move on.
Wishes seem so far away
And these hopes can´t make me stay,
Can´t make me stay above the water.
Would it help you if I disappeared,
Like bad dreams when all you want is to fall asleep.
I tried too hard (it seems.)
Well, you can blame me.

Sometimes I ask myself
What things would be like
How you turned out to be
If I never looked for you that night.
Would you see the sun more often
Or would you miss me in your life.
Would your days sometimes be brighter
Or will you forgive me one more time?
Can you forgive me?
Can you blame me? Please blame me.
Track Name: Fading Son
Like all your traces fade in time,
I fade away as your son.
Disappointment runs through me,
As you stare at your TV.
You take my hand, I’m lonely
Won’t even try to hear me.
I’m nothing but forgotten memories.
“I’m glad you’re here” you say
Though I’ve never been away.
It´s getting late, I’ll let you be
Don´t forget to turn off your TV.
Track Name: Finish The Letter
Too many days spent with your knife in my back
Your eyes are closed down again
Wear your face upside down so no one needs to see you
And anyways it´s cold out side...

Dear whoever, I tried my best
You wont ever understand
I wont conitnue to waste my breath
This place is so empty

You closed this chapter while I‘m on the first page
Reading every sentence twice
You left me cold in this rain
Though you´re the one who‘s cold
and dont try to pull me down

Dear betrayer, I tried my best
You wont ever understand
I wont conitnue to waste my breath
This place is so empty