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"Please Interrupt" out May 27th on Evil Greed (CD/LP/Digital)

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released May 27, 2016



all rights reserved


TWIN RED Hanover, Germany

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Track Name: Replace My Head
They play sad songs on the radio,
You’re staring through the glass.
Watch the green sprouting on the floor,
Wish it was you.

Time passes by.
Bleached out memories.
You can’t deny:
You miss what’s left.

Replace my head with the sun.

Painting pictures so colorful.
They’re hanging in your room,
Wishing you were a part of them.
You feel like blue.

Your head feels like it’s water,
Flowing on the floor.
Try to swim before it dries of.
It’s slowly soaking in.
Track Name: All Over
Is it all over?
Cause I keep biting my lips.
Feeling leftover
But you’re all over me.

There’s nowhere left to run and look for truth,
So I hide in a place where you can find me.
Feels like I’m home.
It is me that you see.

Try to talk about the things that matter.
It seems there’s not much to say.
You said you’re honest,
I keep believing you.

Feed me your words
Or I’ll die starving.
I know, I know it’s true.
I keep believing you.

Please interrupt,
I need to know.
Track Name: Distance
I feel it burning,
Ways are turning.

Why can’t things just stay the same.
Let go, I can’t let go.
I’m holding on.
Let go, I can’t let go anything.

I try to follow footsteps in front of me.
But my head it just keeps spinning around.
Difficult for me to see.

What I had can’t be replaced
And there’s no time for running away.
It’s like I’m being chained to a wall
And this is where I’m gonna stay.

So far way.
Nothing can be replaced.
So far away.
Help me, I can’t let go.
Track Name: Burned By The Sun
Flying so high you got burned by the sun,
Spending days on the ground to recover.

As they watch you fall,
You try to remember
Everything that’s over your head.

As you’re getting closer,
They wait for the impact,
Waiting for you to lose what you have
But it’s not that easy.
You have seen things that they’re dreaming of.

So just don’t let go.
Keep wearing your crown.
Though it’s broken no one wears it better than you.

Nothing will end your world today.
Track Name: Waking Up Tomorrow
I heard you say:
’I don’t mind that I’ll be waking up tomorrow‘
And if you stay,
I don’t mind that I’ll be waking up tomorrow

We’re in a place,
Where I don’t need water. Doing just okay,
Cause I’ve done everything my way.
Have no trust in no one and we’re blind to what they see.
Glaring walls are everywhere
But here it’s only you and me.

So many lied,
So many never said a word.
Promises mean everything
If anyone has heard.
I guess it’s the things you see in me,
That make my head work the way it has to be.

There’s no need to fall unto my knees.
Instead I stay with you tonight,
Gaining honesty.
Oh, times moving slow(ly).
Anticipation, all is gone.
I’d like to wait so please hold on.

I will stay where I’m with you.
You show me things I never knew.
Track Name: Pick Me Up
Through dark nights
I stumble on my way.
Let my take a chance to find my own place.

Try to find a way to brighten up the sky.
Try to find a way to get away.

Pick me up.
Let me see new places.
Pick me up.
All these worn out faces.
Hey you,
Do you know just where to go?
Oh you,
Would you mind letting me know?

Follow street lights,
Will never reach the end.
Still I keep walking,
Watch my distance as it fades.

Try to find a way to brighten up the sky.
Try to find a way to get away.

(Can’t find it on my own.
Would you help me?)
Track Name: Let Me Feel Your Love
Hold me,
Let me feel your love.
Let me get lost in your eyes.

Warm me,
Let me feel your love.
And we get lost, the sun goes down.

Only the brightest colors We embrace elatedly.
See sky, it’s coral.
You sing to me.
Track Name: Won't Get Around
Look at me, watch me beg and please
For something that is nothing.

Let me hold on,
I’ll just need some rest.
Can I just hold on,
Before I won’t wake up again.

My breath gets shorter, I can’t feel my hands.
What is real to me?
Placed into nowhere, grown into something,
Living endlessly.

Let go it’s too late.
Let down your waving flag.
It gets carried away.

Time passes through me.
Isn’t it fun to see?
I get carried away.

Now there’s blue sky
Will see new light.
I won’t get around,
I just won’t get around.

Wandering through haze
Until the sun lays.
I won’t get around,
I just won’t get around.
Track Name: Way Out
Thank you for everything.
Thank you for every chance.
You gave me the attention I need
But now I lost myself.
And there’s still no light to lead me now.
Won’t leave red stains on my way out.

Push me out of your new world.
Let me taste the dirt on the ground.
Let me drown I am faced down.

Hate is fed with my weakness,
Melted hearts are crushed by excuse.
Yet, I try to undo this.

I still want you.
I won’t come through.

(You) know me better than I do.
Read my eyes and please let me in,
Let me exit my skin coat.
Won’t ruin my dreams, let them fade out.
Won’t fix myself to keep you away.
And the pain strikes every day.

I love your hate.
You hate my love.

(This song is dedicated to an old friend who took his own life)